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We started the G20 Youth Porject in May 2018 in response to young people engaging in disruptive behviours at The Children's Wood and criminality in the local area. We took a public health approach: violence is preventable, and looked past the behaviour of the young people to the person behind those actions.  We sought to find out how we could support and be of service. We worked with the young people outdoors for over one year, trialing activities with them such as tricking, canoeing, forest school, fishing and cycling and by building relationships between them, us and the wider community.


We realised very quickly that this group were excluded from everywhere and had no safe space or support network. We met over 70 young people aged between 10 and 25 who were living on the margins. We found that childhood trauma was a reality for most of the young people we were engaging with and that they needed a community who understood this and could support them. We secured an indoor premise in Ruchill, near the epicentre of the antisocial behaviour which was happening at Maryhill McDonalds.

From day one building relationships has been at the heart of what we do and through this approach we have developed a trauma responsive youth initiative and more recently a trauma responsive youth employment and training centre  for over 16's through the G20 Works.


Since starting to work with the young people and their families we have found the arts to be a powerful medium for transforming pain into purpose.  Sadly, young people lack creative outlets in their day to day lives and so fortunately through the youth initiative we have brought art into their lives. We found that the young people loved art and engaged really well in activities like graffiti, mcing, film making and other artistic processes. These mediums allow young people to explore big issues in a safe and transformative way. This has led to the G20 Art Academy being established.


We work with young people where they are, we use what we have and we do what we can to support them. Through this approach we have gained the trust of the young people and their families.  Our approach is to find out what the young people and their families need and to enable their needs to be met.


We co create projects with the people we work with and the needs they have. This has resulted in us starting a family support group, employability sessions, youth club nights, outdoor play, gardening, recovery groups, working with other services and supporting young people through the justice system, personal development, counselling, advocating for young people, working with schools, creating jobs and much more. We have brought projects, activities and people that can support the young  to flourish. For example, The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit have played an important role in helping us with training and support. Life Link counsellor is based in the G20 Works on a Monday and they also run emotional well-being classes for young people and the wider community.


Our mission is to support young people growing up in the G20 area to experience a happy, safe and nurturing childhood/early adulthood and to support young people into positive destinations and futures.

Our Inspiration

Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world. For over 30 years, we have stood as a beacon of hope in Los Angeles to provide training and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people, allowing them to redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community.

Street & Arrow

Violence Reduction

Street & Arrow is a social enterprise that does much more than just good grub. The Glasgow-based charity also serves up second chances for its employees. 

People with convictions who may find it difficult to get into work are employed for twelve-month blocks to work at the Street & Arrow café based in Glasgow Dental Hospital. During that time workers are paired with a mentor who can help them master everything from basic employment skills like turning up to work on time, through to debt management and housing issues. 

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