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G20 Youth Club

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The G20 Youth Festival is where it all started. We are a grassroots community youth project that started in 2018 as a direct response to young people hanging about the community engaging in criminal behaviours. We are working to enable the most marginalised and excluded young people to become confident and valued members of their community.


We run a variety of youth work sessions where young people come into the space and engage in both informal and structured activities such as: youth drop-in, street food pantry, 1:1 work, forest school, employability sessions, gardening in our community garden, boxing (including mindfulness), hillwalking, sessions in school with young people not engaging in education.

The G20 Youth Festival is in the process of splitting from the Children’s Wood charity and will become part of the G20 Youth Project charity over the coming months. (12/09/22)

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